Treating kidney stones, the easy way you can do it yourself

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Treating kidney stones, the easy way you can do it yourself

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Kidney stones are caused by different types of minerals that clump together to form hard clumps, most of which form in the kidneys. If the kidney stone blocks the ureter May cause the patient to urinate blood. and cause pain when urinating Sometimes these kidney stones may be excreted in the urine today we how Manage kidney stones easily with natural methods. Let's read.

How do kidney stones affect the body?
Kidney Stones, also known as “Urinary tract stones” which occur from minerals such as salt, calcium oxalate (Calcium Oxalate) crystallizes in the kidneys. until it forms a hard lump, although these stones form in the kidneys But it can be anywhere in the urinary tract as well. The most common cause of gallstones is dehydration, when the body is dehydrated or the fluid that passes through the kidneys is low. It increases the chances of crystallization of minerals, causing kidney stones.

Usually, a kidney stone usually doesn't show any symptoms until it's in the ureter. or to obstruction stuck in the ureter It will block the flow of urine. This causes the kidneys to become swollen and painful, which can cause symptoms such as:

- Severe pain in the back and under the ribs
- Pain radiating down to the lower abdomen and groin.
- Nausea, vomiting
- Pain or burning when urinating
- There may be blood coming out when urinating.
- Urinating more often than usual

How to manage kidney stones naturally
For patients with kidney stones, consult a doctor for treatment methods. In addition to medical treatments, a number of methods can manage or help relieve symptoms. It can help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones as well, which the methods are as follows:

drink enough water
One of the causes of kidney stones is dehydration, which causes the crystallization of salts and minerals to form kidney stones. Drinking enough water to meet the needs of the body. It is another simple method that can prevent kidney stones due to dehydration. The recommended daily intake of water is 8 glasses to prevent dehydration.

lemon juice
Citrate contains citrate, a substance that helps prevent calcium from crystallizing. In addition, citrate also helps break up small stones so that they are easily passed or excreted in the urine. climb For those suffering from kidney stones, lemon juice is a good option. Lemon juice also has other health benefits, such as inhibiting bacterial growth and high vitamin C content.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is vinegar made from fresh apples. It contains citric acid, which helps in breaking down kidney stones. Apple cider can also help relieve pain caused by kidney stones.

Basil is a plant that contains citic acid. It helps break down kidney stones and reduce pain. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help maintain kidney health.

control weight
The study found that 43.8% of the relapsed kidney stones were obese and overweight. weight control And maintain a balanced weight by making healthy food choices. exercise regularly Therefore, it is a method that helps to prevent kidney stones disease.

Avoid consuming sugar or caffeine.
soft drink Caffeinated beverages and alcohol are all thought to increase the likelihood of developing kidney stones, research shows. drinking caffeinated beverages Increase the risk of stone formation. In addition, foods high in sugar, salt and fat can increase kidney function.

For patients with kidney stones should seek treatment with a doctor. and using the above methods in parallel To help deal with kidney stones, it is important to avoid drinking alcohol. If severe abdominal pain or having pain in the penis should seek immediate medical attention

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