8 careers in the future, don't be afraid of losing your job

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8 careers in the future, don't be afraid of losing your job

Postby filterfar » 30 Jul 2021 05:24


Today, the labor market is changing at an alarming speed. Some careers that many people think are stable. It might not be like that now.

But ... on the other hand, there will be some occupations that are more in demand in the market. The report, "The Future of Jobs," which surveyed more than 350 executives in the 15 largest economies in the world, identified 8 most stable jobs. The high demands of the labor market around the world are as follows:

data analyst
A data analyst will be a very important career in every industry in the future. When the world must be connected by massive amounts of data Many companies need someone to manage this information in a systematic way. in order to be able to extend various benefits

Professions that require computer and math skills will continue to thrive, including programmers, software developers. and information security analyst

It is predicted that by 2020 this workforce will remain a stable occupation and create more than 2 million jobs worldwide. Especially if it is a group of specialized engineers such as biochemistry, nanotechnology, robotics and materials engineering. It is a group that is highly sought after in the industry.

Specialized sales staff
Even though technology has replaced many issues, every business still needs a specialized salesperson who has a deep understanding of the subject matter. Communicating difficult things to make it easy for customers. It is absolutely necessary.

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senior manager
Business must be halted. It's impossible to move forward without a manager who has experience in planning. Accurately analyze future trends especially business related to media and entertainment business

product designer
We may be able to use robots instead of manufacturing in factories. but work that requires creativity It will be a long time before computer programs can really replace people by an industry that relies on product designers. There are still many such as cars, appliances. products in the factory including various gadgets

Enterprise developer
Of course, the advent of technology will make many careers disappear. And there are new careers to replace many organizations that need corporate developers. or HR with the skills to screen and train new incoming employees to suit the organization. It is reported that more than 65% of companies worldwide Investing in human development Add new skills together intensely.

As the company brings in new technology, it is important to consider. Is the technology illegal? Or contrary to any regulatory guidelines? Of course, lawyers will come to help solve these problems. for example If there is a driverless car development company Companies need legal experts. acting in coordination with government agencies so as not to contravene the rules
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